Live From Redfern in November, Koori Radio Presents Green Hand Band

Poverty, racism and inequality are cornerstone concepts Redfern-based reggae fusion group Green Hand Band aims to break down barriers about.

Drawing musical influences from soul, reggae and desert rock genres, the group uses music to raise awareness of issues such as recovering from addiction, spiritual empowerment, love and social justice.

Key writer, keyboard player and vocalist, Tim Gray leads the band bringing an infectious passion to the stage.


Each month see your favourite Sydney-based singers and bands perform in the intimate setting of Koori Radio’s recording studio, Live From Redfern.

Tune in on the last Friday of the month on Making Tracks, or watch the video livestream at Limited tickets are available - please REGISTER HERE.

Previously on Live From Redfern...


Mi-Kaisha - Friday 27 October 2023

“My existence is super political, but my music totally doesn’t seem so at first glance,” says Mi-kaisha. “And I think there's power in that.” As an artist and storyteller, Mi-kaisha is also an advocate with a responsibility to actively support her communities and work against the systems that have perpetually oppressed Pacific Islanders and First Nations Peoples in Australia. Splitting her time between Warang (Sydney) and Lenapehoking (New York City), Mi-kaisha has just completed her Bachelors at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, NYU. The vocalist and songwriter has just released her single ‘Eternity’ and will be performing at the very first SXSW on home soil in Sydney this month.


Cindy Drummond - Friday 29 September 2023

Esteemed elder and cultural ambassador, Aunty Cindy Drummond represents both her Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, Ku Ku Yalangi on her mother’s side, in far North Queensland, and St Paul’s Village in the Torres Strait on her father's side. Aunty Cindy is an effervescent and entertaining multi-talented performer in the First Nations arts sector. A Songwoman and knowledge holder, she performs both traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait song and dance and is an established singer in the music scene. She released her solo album “Ruby Red Lips” in 2005, which receives high rotation on Aboriginal radio stations across the country. Aunty Cindy has collaborated on a range of shows and presentations with high-calibre artists and continues to entertain and educate audiences today. 


Tilmouth Oxley Marsalis - Friday 25 August 2023

Tilmouth Oxley Marsalis are an exciting new all-star rock band from Sydney.

These three legends of the Australian music scene have multiple awards & countless hit songs to their names.

Former NoKturnl frontman & multi-instrumentalist, Arrente man Craig Tilmouth fronts the band on Vocals & Guitar. He recently released an EP to add to NoKturnl’s three EP’s and two albums. Tilmouth has toured extensively throughout Europe and Australia, written songs with legends such as Paul Kelly & Mark Seymour& has won several Deadly Awards, along with being nominated for two ARIA Awards.

Craig is joined on Bass Guitar by founder of the legendary Australian band Sunnyboys, Peter  Oxley, whom had several Top 10 hits & Gold and Platinum albums. Pete has also been in Sparklers as well as with Ed Kuepper.

Enigmatic maestro Drummer, First Nations American Dave Marsalis has played on more hit records than most people can name. He became a gun for hire session drummer working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including providing the rhythm for Christine Anu’s trailblazing Styling Up album.

Timouth Oxley Marsalis are the real deal.


Stiff Gins - Friday 30 June 2023

The first artists to kick off Live From Redfern are the Stiff Gins. Embarking on their twentieth year of performing together, Stiff Gins are now entering their most intriguing period of music making. Fresh off the stage of their epic visual theatre project entitled ‘Spirit of Things: Sound of Objects’ that toured Sydney and Melbourne, Stiff Gins a forging towards their twenty-first anniversary with a new recording and sound design project already in the works. As their music continues to strengthen, they engage new generations with their harmonies, stories and soul. Today Stiff Gins performances stretch time, invite spirit to flow and transport you through song and story to both a higher and deeper plain.

Live From Redfern is presented by Koori Radio and supported by the City of Sydney. This video livestream is presented in partnership with SAE Creative Media Institute.


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