Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation is governed by a constitution registered with the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC). GIS is governed by a Board of Directors whom are democratically elected by our members at our Annual General Meeting.



Chairperson  /  Elected: 23 February 2022

John Leha

Treasurer  /  Elected: 6 February 2018

John Leha a proud Birri Gubba, Wakka Wakka and Tongan man born and raised on Gadigal country. John has a long history of working in Indigenous education and employment programs as a public servant within the commonwealth government for several years. An active member of the Sydney Aboriginal community and membership with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, voluntary roles with the Kingsford Community Legal Centre, The Aboriginal Project with the Aids Council of New South Wales and a leadership role with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation and the founder of the Sydney Deadly Runners and now a board member for Gadigal Information Service. John is also a director of a multimedia production company with experience in managing financial systems, managing teams, driving strategic direction.

Jinny-Jane Smith

Director  /  Elected: 18 December 2017

A proud Wiradjrui and Yuin women. A previous employee of Gadigal Information Service (2011-2014), Mudgin-Gal, City of Sydney Council (2014-2017), National Maritime Museum (2015), NSW Transport (2017) and Telstra (2017), and currently the Aboriginal Liaison Officer for the Waterloo Redevelopment. Jinny-Jane has gained governance experience form her continued board role with Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women’s Corporation in which she is currently the Secretary.


Director  /  Elected: 26 March 2021