Koori Radio is Sydney's only Indigenous community broadcaster and is operated out of Redfern by community-controlled arts/media organisation Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation (GIS). Whether you're mob or an ally, looking to spend ethically or be a good corporate citizen, there are plenty of ways you can show your support for Koori Radio and your support is greatly appreciated.

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Koori Radio broadcasts 24/7 to the Greater Sydney region on 93.7fm and simulcasts Digitally on DAB+. We offer a 'Live and Deadly' cultural mix of Australian/International Indigenous and black music combined with talkback, news, current affairs, chat and community information from an award-winning team of professional and volunteer broadcasters.

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Below are all the forms needed for you to become a part of The Koori Radio Family.

​Whether it's to Volunteer, Present A Show, Submit Your Music, Request an Interview...this is the page for you to come to...

You'll also be able to use The QR Codes for each category too.

This form is to filled out by those wishing to establish a regular program on Koori Radio 93.7fm.

Please include as much detail as possible. If you need more space please email your answers via

The information provided in this form informs the Programming Sub Committee of your proposed program and is also the basis for periodical program evaluations.

The Programming Sub Committee will officially notify you regarding the outcome of your Program Proposal.

Proposals will either be approved, rejected or further information will be requested. Completing this form does not guarantee a program spot on Koori Radio 93.7fm.


Please submit this form for consideration on our radio airplay list. Koori Radio 93.7fm loves getting new music to play on the radio from local and international acts!

Our preference is that you submit music digitally using this form, but if you are posting CDs or vinyl, please address to: Program Manager Koori Radio 93.7fm PO Box 966 Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012 Email -

We recommend 4-5 copies of each release. Please attach a one-page press release/bio to each CD. The Program Manager will allocate the copies submitted to the most appropriate shows for airplay consideration. If you already know who will dig your stuff, supply a list of presenters that you’d like your CDs to go to. Remember – Koori Radio 93.7fm announcers decide what they play on their programs!

PLEASE NOTE!!! Koori Radio 93.7FM licence agreement outlines the framework for the Music Charter which is; 99% of Indigenous and Black music from around the world.

Specifically, the quotas for music-based programs are:
- 33% Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander,
- 33% Indigenous to places outside Australia,
- 33% from Black artist in and outside Australia,
and - 1% other, i.e. Reconciliation songs, songs relating to Indigenous issues, for example, Midnight Oil “White Skin, Black Heart”.

Priority in music broadcasted will be given to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) music first, then regional and national Aboriginal music, then music from the Pacific, followed by music from other areas of the world.

Talk based programs and other specialist music programs must maintain Australian Aboriginal content on their programs through the broadcast of Aboriginal pre-productions, for example, Station ID’s, profiles, poems, music etc.

For all music submissions, we require a streaming link, clearly labelled, easily accessible & downloadable 16/44.1 WAVs and 320 mp3s (e.g. dropbox or google drive), and a brief bio. Please also include information regarding release and launch dates, as well as any airplay embargo. Please note that due to the large number of submissions and requests Koori Radio 93.7fm receives, it isn’t possible to reply to every email, as much as we would love to, but rest assured we get to and consider every request and submission.


If you'd like to request an interview, please fill in this form and your interview request will be processed. Please note that because of the large volume of requests we get, it might not always be possible to get on air.

Request an Interview on Koori Radio 93.7fm Form Link Here ​



If you'd like to give us feedback on our services and transmissions, events, music played / presenters etc please email and/or via Facebook Messenger.

Interested in becoming involved in our activities too, awesome! Once again, either connect up with us via Facebook messenger and/or once again, shoot through an email to

Koori Radio is Sydney's only First Nations radio station.

We make great community radio from an Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspective.

To Read The CBAA Codes of Practice and The Koori Radio 93.7fm Music Charter please follow the following links;
CBAA Codes of Practice
The Koori Radio 93.7fm Music Charter

The Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation's Consolidated Rule Book and other public documents are available via the ORIC Website LINK HERE

​Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation Policy and Procedures Here...

The GIS Consolidated Rule Book which covers our CBAA Codes Of Practices obligations is also available via our Membership Page on our website - LINK HERE


We appreciate all feedback from our Community and Listeners. If you would like to make a complaint, please find more information via the following link;

Codes of Practice – Code 7: Complaints