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Blackchat attends Sydney Rally

20 June 2022

Blackchat host Lola Forester attended the call for a banning of police guns in First Nations Communities rally where Yuendumu Elders and supporters addressed the crowd in the main precinct of Sydney. Warlpiri Elders had called for a National Day of Action to raise the volume on the guns out of remote communities message.

By Khi-Lee Thorpe

Photo credit Lola Forester
Photo credit Lola Forester
Photo credit Lola Forester
Photo credit Lola Forester

Aboriginal Elders and passionate advocates for the cause addressed the crowd joining rallies across the country and marking 15 years since the introduction of the Northern Territory Intervention.

The Yuendumu community has released a statement of demands calling for Warlpiri-only governance and authority in their communities.

Read the statement below via this link


Blackchat is produced and presented weekdays by Lola Forester weekdays 9 am to 12 noon via Koori Radio and broadcasting nationally via the National Indigenous Radio Service from 10 am to 11 am (EST).

Those who have joined Lola in her career would know that along with being an award-winning Radio Broadcaster and Producer is an accomplished Photo – Journalist. Stay tuned for more photos over the coming year.

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