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World famous in Redfern, Sydney and all around the globe, the Puha & Pork Bones Radio Show brings you a weekly two hour burst of all things Kiwi to the wider indigenous and non-indigenous communities of Sydney and the rest of Australia. Check them out for the latest music and news from Aotearoa (NZ). They’ll even throw in a language lesson or two. Choice Bro! Tune in EVERY Thursday night from 6pm (AEST) for your weekly feed of all things Kiwi with regular host Kimberly (aka The Samoan Princess) and her rotating co-hosts, Sista Cini, Ben, Kara and the girls from the podcast 2 Brownish Girls, Cribbs and Talica!

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SXSW Sydney has come and gone and among the hundreds of shows, talks, gigs, and parties, a little slice of Aotearoa/New Zealand made its home on Gadigal Country. Aotearoa House celebrated dozens of artists, performers, programmers, and