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NSW Health’s Family Vaccination is on this weekend in South East Sydney & Surry Hills.

14 September 2021

In support of a state-wide push to improve vaccination rates for Aboriginal people, this weekend 18-19 September South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and St Vincent’s Hospital are partnering to run dedicated vaccination clinics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their household members 12 years and over. 

The clinics will be open from 10 am – 4 pm.

  1. Northern area (SESLHD and St Vincent’s Hospital partnership):

Northcott Community Centre (163 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills)

  1. Southern area

Stapleton Avenue Community Centre (Enter on Belmont Street, Sutherland)
For more info or to have a yarn with an Aboriginal health worker about the vaccine, please call 0439413094

Answers to your questions!

Who will be working at the clinic?
Aboriginal Health Workers will be at the clinics to support you and your family to get vaccinated. They will talk to
you about what will happen and answer your questions. You will be vaccinated by trained vaccination nurses.

Which vaccine will I get?
The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be available at the clinics in Surry Hills and Sutherland on 18-19 September.

Where and when will I get my 2nd dose?
The clinic staff will help you organise your 2nd dose for 3-6 weeks later.

Can I bring my kids to the clinic?
Yes, you and your family are all welcome at the clinic. If your child is 12 years or over, they can be vaccinated. If
they are under 12 years old, they can’t be vaccinated but you can bring them with you.

Can I get help getting transport to the clinic?
$50 travel vouchers are available if you need help with transport getting to a COVID-19 vaccination
appointment. Just go to the Cabcharge website https://www.cabcharge.com.au/voucher and fill in your details.
Choose 18 September or 19 September for your vaccination appointment date. You’ll receive a $50 travel
voucher with a link to add it to your smartphone within 24 hours.

Can I come to the clinic by myself if I’m under 16?
If you are 12-15 years old, your parent or guardian needs to come to the clinic with you. This is because they
need to give permission for you to get vaccinated.

Will there be help for our elders and people with disability?
Yes, elders and anyone with disability or who needs help at the clinic will be seen first so they don’t have to wait.

Why should I get vaccinated?
COVID-19 is very dangerous and spreads quickly. The vaccines work very well against COVID-19. Getting
vaccinated helps to protect you and your mob. Two doses of a vaccine:

Is there anyone who shouldn’t get vaccinated?

People with known allergies to the vaccine or its components. Children under 12 years have to wait until the
vaccine is registered for children.

What about pregnant or breastfeeding women?
The Pfizer vaccine is recommended for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

I’m young and healthy, do I still need to get vaccinated?
Yes! The majority of Aboriginal people with COVID-19 in NSW are under 40. Many young people have needed
hospital or even intensive care because of COVID-19. You should get vaccinated to protect yourself and your mob.

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