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“Connection through story”: Lucas Proudfoot

27 November 2023

Multi-platform storyteller Lucas Proudfoot has stressed the importance of First Nations educators and his concern at their under representation in an interview with Koori Radio’s DJ BrothaBlack.

The Minyungbal and Goodjinburra story teller from Bundjalung Country is touring his new interactive children’s show, which he describes as “connection through story”, and a way to help build up our future generations through rhythm and rhyme. 

“The show itself is for ages seven and under, there is digital animation that’s involved as well, and we’ve got digital puppeteering so it’s quite innovative,” Lucas told DJ BrothaBlack. 

Lucas said he likes to incorporate the idea of rhythm and rhyme when helping students on their literacy and numeracy journeys, and that taking things back to basics can be the most beneficial way to project his teaching. 

“It just opens the door and makes it not so arduous for them [the students]”. 

Lucas is also an advocate for First Nations educators, and says he wants to see more Mob getting involved in that area. 

“Whilst there is an upswell from First Nations Mob, I think it’s growing but it is important because a lot of the times, a lot of these early years sectors are screaming out for consistent content”. 

“There is a growth in that space, but it’s something that definitely needs to keep increasing”.

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